I have over twenty-five years of clinical experience and continuing education. My education and training at NYU provided an excellent professional foundation. Upon graduation, I worked several years in Community Mental Health under the excellent supervision of experienced and skilled clinicians. I have the R (reimbursement) out of network Insurance privilege which insurance companies are obligated to recognize. 

 Sessions are approximately fifty-five to sixty minutes (current industry standard is forty-five minutes) to give clients time to relax and feel safe to experience a full range of emotions as they explore and discuss the issues that brought them into therapy.  This first session gives me the opportunity to hear,  see and identify the nature of their current situation and how I can best help them. 

I greet each client with courtesy and respect, establish a therapeutic relationship and provide each client with a quality therapy process. Clients gain insight into their internal processes and begin to explore how these unconscious processes may be influencing their current moods, thoughts, and feelings in their current situations.   Even the most seemingly difficult situations may be overcome through the therapy process.

In couples therapy, I meet clients where they are at in their relationship.  The initial consultation provides each person the opportunity to identify and express their perspective on the issue or issues and each person may clearly hear the other's thoughts and feelings on those presenting issues.   Couples gain insight and develop awareness of how each of their own internal processes are operating within their relationship and how these unconscious processes impact on their relationship, leading to greater intimacy with one another.  The process  provides a path forward to having a healthier and more loving relationship,  as they work through the issues that brought them into therapy. 

I  offer sessions at my office on Shelter Island. I also offer Telehealth video sessions.